1 - Minimium rental perĂ­od: Three days(72 hours)

2 - Payment: Calculated in euros plus the value of the deposit(caution), and both payable in advance. The deposit will be refunded when the client returns the tented vehicle.

3 - Prices: Inclued normal maittennance of the vehicle and repairs made by the cliente at the most of 7.50 euros with the invoice.

4 - Petrol: Not included in rental rates and the client have to return the vehicle with de same inicial amount.

5 - Helmet: Provide with rented vehicle, and the client is responsable for any type of damage.

6 - Drivers age: Minimum 18 years old holding a valid license require by portuguese law for the rented vehicle.

7 - Prices do not included any pick ups or fines.

8 - Insurance: Prices included civil responsabity. The client is always responsable for the damage caused in the rented vehicle until the amount of the excess previous agree. For C.D.W. Insurance contact our office.